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Are you burping,

bloated, gassy, and gaining weight while still exercising and eating well? Feel like you have trouble digesting the healthy foods you usually enjoy?

Let’s face it, gut imbalances can wreak havoc in our bodies at any age however, as we enter our 40s and beyond our digestive system’s function starts to change due to stress, age and hormones – leading to new symptoms such as heartburn, bloating and constipation.

The majority of these changes in the gut are functional, and therefore not seen in conventional testing (blood tests, endoscopies, ultrasounds or colonoscopies). Most of my patients come to me feeling frustrated and discouraged, knowing that something is “off” and do not want to be relying on over the counter or prescription medicines to manage their symptoms without knowing truly what is causing their issues.

My Healthy Gut Program. . .

takes all the frustration out of wondering what’s wrong, teaches you how to fix it and makes sure your digestive system and metabolism are working well to use the nutrients you consume properly.

Sometimes the healthy foods you eat are actually making your health worse, seems crazy I know! I figure it all out by starting with a deep dive into what’s really going on and find the root causes of your symptoms. This allows me to find answers and create a customized treatment plan as unique as you, aimed at getting you back to feeling balanced, renewed, energized and empowered to live the life you deserve.

My Healthy Gut Program. . .

uses the best of what naturopathic medicine has to offer, starting with a comprehensive analysis and investigation, using the most advanced lab testing available. For you, this may include food sensitivity testing, stool and/or saliva testing – leaving no stone unturned.

I will work with you to naturally restore and rebuild your gut and spend time addressing the root causes of your gut issues including nutrition, lifestyle, genetics, toxins, hormones, sleep and stress.

Removing the things that are stopping your body from performing at its best, whether it’s foods, toxins, bacteria, yeast or parasites, food sensitivities and replenishing deficiencies will allow your digestive system to work in the way it’s meant to, without the burping, gas and bloating!

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