Hormones in Harmony


Are you tired of feeling bloated, not sleeping well, moody, losing interest in sex, losing your hair, gaining weight…while still exercising and eating well?

You probably have a hormonal imbalance that needs to be fixed!

Hormone imbalances can wreak havoc in our bodies at any age.

Trust me, I’ve been there. In my teens and 20s I had irregular periods that would be on time for months in a row and then disappear for months on end, only to return monthly for no apparent reason. I saw medical doctors, had blood tests and ultrasounds – nothing was found and I was told, “everything looked normal.”

Naturally, when I started. naturopathic medical school, female hormones and menstrual cycles were of personal interest.

I created a regimen for myself using herbs and nutrition to support my hormones but it wasn’t until I fully embraced a 100% plant based diet (not for everyone), got serious about stress management and made sleep a priority that I was able to have regular, monthly periods in my 30s and 40s.

Most of my patients come to me feeling frustrated and discouraged, knowing that something is “off” and yet their blood work keeps coming back normal. Embracing a whole body and mind approach is what made the difference for me and it can be the best way for you, too.

The Hormones In Harmony program 

Takes all the frustration out of wondering what’s wrong, teaches you how to fix it and makes sure your hormones are working FOR you, not against you!

I take a deep dive into what’s really going on and find the root causes of your symptoms. This allows me to find answers and create a customized treatment plan aimed at getting you back to feeling balanced, renewed, energized and empowered to live the life you deserve.

The programs uses the best of what naturopathic medicine has to offer, starting with a comprehensive analysis and investigation, using the most advanced lab testing available.

I will work with you to naturally balance your hormones and spend time addressing the root causes of your hormonal issues including nutrition, lifestyle, genetics, sleep, gut health, toxins and stress.

Removing the things that are stopping your body from performing at its best and replenishing deficiencies will allow your body to work in the balanced way it’s meant to, regardless of what age you are!

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