Renew and Recharge

Are you tired. . .

all day but can’t get to sleep at night? Do you need multiple cups of coffee or sugary snacks to get through your stressful days?


We live in an environment of constant stress.

From the moment the alarm sounds, the race is on! We rush through our morning routine, grab breakfast to eat during our commute that may be hours in frustrating traffic, fly through our inboxes at a breakneck pace to move onto the next thing, skip lunch, deal with family and work demands, taxi our children from one activity to the next all to arrive home too late to prepare a healthy meal let alone relax and recharge before trying to get more work done and to bed early enough to greet tomorrow with enthusiasm and energy!

When the adrenal glands are continually activated by stress, they release too much of the hormone, cortisol.

This cortisol causes your immune system to be weaker, destroys your muscles, and wrecks your digestion and metabolism –leading to food cravings and weight gain. It also makes you irritable and takes away your patience, especially when around your loved ones.

Chronic adrenal stress leads to “burnout” which can leave us too tired to get through the day, unable to exercise because of fatigue and unable to get a good night’s sleep. Adrenal stress also affects other hormones leading to depression, thyroid issues, blood sugar issues, decreased sex drive, headaches and brain fog. No one wants to live this way and you don’t have to any longer!

I created my Renew & Recharge Program after like many other women, I went through my own patch of burnout.

In early 2017, exactly the night before my 40th birthday, I found myself driving home from the office and thinking, “I need to take a sabbatical this year, or I am going to end up really sick.” I was burning the candle at both ends for too long and it was taking a toll on me physically and emotionally.

I did get sick (before I had a chance to take that healing sabbatical) and spent the first six months of my 40s re-evaluating my lifestyle, sleep habits, nutrition and exercise routine while feeding my body, mind and soul with a new approach to work-life balance, stress management techniques, naps, adrenal balancing botanicals and hormone supports. The experience renewed by passion for naturopathic medicine and I was reminded first hand of the healing powers of nature.

The Renew & Recharge Program. . .


Takes all the frustration out of wondering what’s wrong, teaches you how to resolve it and makes sure your metabolism and energy systems are working FOR you, not against you!


Combines the best of what naturopathic medicine, my professional experience and personal history has to offer, starting with a comprehensive analysis and investigation, using the most advanced lab testing available.

We take a deep dive into what’s really going on and find the root causes of your symptoms.

This allows me to find answers and create a customized treatment plan aimed at getting you back to feeling balanced, renewed, energized and empowered to live the life you deserve.

I will work with you to naturally balance your stress hormones, restore your nervous system and spend time addressing the root causes of your energy issues including nutrition, lifestyle, stress, genetics, sleep, toxins and metabolism.

Removing the things that are stopping your body from performing at its best and replenishing deficiencies will allow your body to work in the balanced way it’s meant to, without having to resort to excess sugar or caffeine to successfully get through the day.

If you are ready to take charge and boost your energy, please give us a call 978-475-7676. Or click the button below to contact us.


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