Whole Health Cleanse

Do you need a reset?

Do you want to put an end to your sugar or carb cravings and feel more balanced and energetic? Have you heard about all the benefits of a plant based diet but not exactly sure how to begin?

If you have always wanted to try a cleanse or want to lose weight while learning how to eat a cleansing, healthful plant based diet even while enjoying a busy lifestyle… then this cleanse is for you! The Whole Health Cleanse 14 Day program not only helps you detoxify and shed some weight but also guides you through nutritional changes you can keep for the rest of your life.

Discover the Whole Health Cleanse

In 2007 Dr. Tracy designed the Whole Health DETOX 30 Day Program with her colleague, Lori DiBacco, ND and enjoyed sharing the principles of lifestyle detoxification, cleansing and healthy weight loss with the participants of the lifestyle classes. Over the years there had been many requests to design a more streamlined version of this program for people who didn’t require as much lifestyle education and those who wanted a shorter but still effective experience. Thus, the Whole Health CLEANSE 14 Day Program was launched by Dr. Tracy in 2013.

Dr. Tracy teaches the 2 hour Whole Health Cleanse Kick Off Class to get you started on a plant based diet and make any adjustments necessary for your unique nutritional needs and goals. Kick Off Classes are held annually in January, Spring and Fall. During the classes, you will learn how to boost your five body systems of detoxing and cleansing and how to use nutritional supplements during your cleanse.

What’s included in Whole Health Cleanse 14 Day Program?

  • Whole Health Cleanse 14 Day Program at Advanced Health and Wellness

    Two hour Kick Off Class with Dr. Tracy. Class size is limited to 10 participants.

  • Advanced Health and Wellness 14 Day Meal Plan Book for Whole Health Cleanse

    Instructional book with 14 day meal plan, a shopping list and recipes.

  • Detoxification Shake to improve Gut Health - Whole Health Cleanse

    Vital Clear detoxification protein shake and Blue Heron herbal capsules to improve gut health.

  • 30 Minute Full-spectrum Sauna - Advanced Health and Wellness

    Two 30 minute Full Spectrum Sauna sessions to amplify your weight loss and detoxification during your cleanse.

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